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If you’ve heard of Cherry Blossoms, you’re probably wondering what kind of women you can expect to meet there. After all, since it purports itself to be an Asian dating, you would expect women from all over Asia to have profiles there.

However, if you sign up with the site, you will find that there are only a handful of Asian nationalities you can find there. Here’s a rundown of the women you can find on Cherry Blossoms and the number of profiles you can find there (as of May 2011):

1. Filipino women - 64,521

2. Chinese women - 1,812

3. Russian Women – 112

There are several other nationalities but they’re too few to mention here in this post, with less than 50 profiles.

What this all means is that, depending on your preferences, you might just find yourself feasting on eye candy or truly disappointed. For men who are looking for Filipina wives, the website is a very good platform through which you can find women from the Philippines who are looking for men just like you. After all, having over 60,000 profiles is no joke, and even if you’re cautious about dating scams, it’s impossible for all of those women to be scams, right?

So, if you’re looking for a Filipina wife, we do suggest to at least check Cherry Blossoms. It’s not a free site, but it costs less than $10 per month if you go for the annual plan.

But of course, we need to say that your dating success largely depends on how well you attract Filipino women to you, or at least make them open to your advances. For one thing, you should put in the time to make your profile as attractive as possible. Like any other groups of women, Filipino women are attracted to attractive men.

Also, when you’re talking to a woman you just met, be a gentleman – even in the world of words like online dating, any woman can tell if you’re being nice or not.

You can check out Cherry Blossoms here.