These days, and precisely because of the may Internet dating scams out there, even dating website that enjoys brand recognition becomes suspect. The dating site Cherry Blossoms is one of these websites. (Note: this website is NOT the official Cherry Blossoms Filipino dating site, click here for the official Cherry Blossoms dating site.)

As a former user of the website myself, I would say that the website is decent enough. At the time that I used it in 2005, it had enough profiles of men that I could look up and had some real cool features (I didn’t know it then but it felt like I was looking at a mail order groom catalogue). I’ve since married a Korean since then but that doesn’t stop me from believing that Cherry Blossoms is the only website you should sign up with if you’re serious about finding a wife, that is, a Filipino wife.

But I think by “decent” you mean a website that has a fair amount of successful stories. Although I’m not one of those Cherry Blossoms success stories, there are many couples who met and got married through there. Here are just some of these couples:


Jane and Chuck

The couple has been together since 1992, shortly before the Cherry Blossoms dating website . The couple actually met through the company's penpal club. Back in the days, the couple corresponded through snail mail and yes, the good old, telephone.


a couple who met through the Cherry Blossoms website

Eric and Ever

Both were former members of Cherry Blossoms dating site. They met  in 2008 and married six months later. The couple had to wait over a year before they were lived together in the United States.

I'm sure there are many more Filipino-American couples out there who met through Cherry Blossoms. But really, the best way to know if Cherry Blossoms is a decent dating site is by checking it out yourself. Check it out there.