If you just typed in “cherry blossoms asian dating” on Google, you’re probably thinking it’s like a one-stop shop to go to for ALL men who want to date Asian women. What most people do not realize is that there are different groups of women under the term “Asian”.

There are Filipina women, Thai, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and so many other groups of women. By the same token, there are different kinds of men even among men who want to date Asian women, depending on the kind of Asian woman they like.

So, what type of man does Cherry Blossom Asian dating cater to?

Profiles inside Cherry Blossoms dating

If you look do a sign up with Cherry Blossoms and look at profiles there, you will see that majority of the women there are Filipino women, with Chinese women forming the second largest – yet much smaller - group.

So, if you’re the kind of man who’s looking for a Thai woman or a Cambodian, Cherry Blossoms Asian dating is NOT the place you should go to find them, even if it has the word “Asian” on its name. (If you really want to, Cambodia and Vietnam have professional mail order bride agencies that lets you choose from among several women in one sitting.)

But if you’re one man who’s looking for a Filipina wife or girlfriend, then Cherry Blossoms is the place to be.

It’s no secret that majority women who live in the Philippines sign up with only one or two websites if they are serious about finding a foreign husband. Cherry Blossoms is one of them. Cherry Blossoms almost always comes up in conversation I overhear in shopping malls or in salons. (I used the website myself before I got married.)

I feel that you can’t go wrong with Cherry Blossoms if you’re really looking for a Filipina wife or girlfriend.

If you haven't signed up with Cherry Blossoms yet, you can do so right here.