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    Why do Filipina women seem so much more responsible than Filipino men?
    I have observed many Filipino couples and it seems like the wife is expected to handle just about everything while the husband is cared for like a little lazy baby. I just don't understand the culture. What do the women get out of it? Is this why so many of the women date men who aren't Filipino? Filipina women seem responsible and kind and the men seem like immature mama's boys who can't have a mature conversation and won't tolerate their wife disagreeing with them. They want to be the man while cared for like a baby.

    • ANSWER:
      I think in their culture that is true. The men don't really have that much power from what I have seen. However, with the lack of power they also don't have much responsibility even to themselves. They are like spoiled little kids getting their way all the time. The upside for the women is the power that they have.

      I am a typical 26 year old white guy that came from an upper class family. My mom ran things and my dad let her run the family her way 99% of the time. However, if my dad had a different opinion about something my mom would seriously consider his opinion. They have been happily married for almost 40 years and have a Dr. for a daughter and I do pretty good for myself with an oil company, so they must be doing something right.

      My dad has a joke, "never trust a guy who says he's the head of his household because he will lie about other things too" I think that is accurate for most American family's though it might look different coming from different culture based families.

    Is It Still Considered Yellow Fever If A White Guy Dates A Filipina Woman Who Has Brown Skin ?
    Anybody who has seen alot of Filipinos upclose, knows that not all of them have yellow skin like the Chinese, and that many of them are actually quite dark as in their pigmentation is similar to that of Pacific Islanders.

    I say this also because my cousin who is White is dating a dark skin Filipina woman. So I think it would be more appropriate to say he has Brown fever, lol.

    • ANSWER:
      Filipinos have always been referred to as "brown" people....the only reason why people would think that Filipinos are yellow is because of Filipinos being labeled Asian even tough it's obvious that we're different to the Mainland East other reason are the Chinese-Filipinos that claim they're yellow....

      at one point Filipinos we're considered the "brown Americans" when P.I. was under the American colonization...

    Do you think it is appropriate for a white man to date a Filipina woman?
    Let's say there is a Filipina woman in a graduate program at a nearby university, and she wants to date me.

    However, I am a white person. If I date a Filipina, I may be accused of having an "Asian fetish" or "yellow fever" or something like that. That's part of the reason I have avoided dating Asians so far.

    Is this a reasonable stance, or should I consider dating a Filipina, even though I am white?

    • ANSWER:
      If you like her for her personal qualities, not because of some misguided perception about asian womens characteristics, it's perfectly fine. People can think and say what they want, what matters is what you both feel. I'm a white chick and my partner is a Filipino guy which is way less common than Filipina/white guy, but we don't care what people think of it.

    Why are Fililpinas attitudes toward relationships so different than American women?
    I went to the Philippines for my first time 18 months ago. I have visited the islands 5 times since. While I was there I dated a few filipinas and every time I went I fell in love all over again. The way I was treated was so much different. I can't understand why the difference in attitudes towards a realionship between men and women.
    I actually became eengaged on my last visit to a wonderful lady. We have bought property there. She paid for half as well as I did. She has neever mentioned moving to the States. I really do like it there or I wouldn't be movong.

    • ANSWER:
      There seems to be set roles for women and men of that culture. Women know what is expected of them. Men know how to act and what is expected of them. There are so many blurred lines of what is socially acceptable here in the states. It's a cultural thing.

      If you like it so much, consider moving there.

    I'm in Manila to marry a Filipina that I met in myasianrose asian dating. How is the wedding in Philippines?
    I'm in Makati, Manila now. I'm going to marry a beautiful Filipina woman ( the most beautiful) that I met in myasianrose few months ago.I wanted to ask those how already married Filipinas how is the wedding in Philippines? can anyone give some tips ?

    • ANSWER:
      do you have a civil wedding or church wedding??
      better wear a barong on your wedding day it is very comfortable and you will look very elegant on it
      ask your wife to- be the word "mano po"always respect the elders all the time and always say "salamat po"the wedding is not much different than other weddings just more relatives thats all
      before i forget watch your etiquete all the time and dont get drunk!!!!

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