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    What are you feelings on dating asian women?
    Why do some guys choose to date asian women? Especially if they are not asian themselves??

    • ANSWER:
      Because there sexy.

    Does anyone here agree with me that Asian women are overrated in the dating market?
    Recently, I have noticed alot of white guys dating Asian women. Has anyone else noticed that Asian women are almost becoming like the "new Blondes". Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate Asian beauty, but I think that the recent increase white male/asian female relationships has faddish undertones? Has anyone else observed this?

    • ANSWER:
      Lol, white guys and Asian women have been getting together for years this is nothing new. But yes I do agree with you they are overrated and so are blondes for that matter. My brother dates an Asian.

    Is this racist towards black men or asian women?
    I do not find black men should date asian women in fact I think it's best for black men to date white, hispanic, or multiracial women. I find the idea of a black man sticking his *you know* inside an asian woman's *you know* gross. I'm okay with people doing it but I would rather them not do it because it grosses me out.

    • ANSWER:
      Well if that's your opinion it's ok i don't think is racist
      that's totally understandable, you don't like to see a black dating with Asian girls. But people do whatever they want
      In my opinion Asian ladies Dating Black,White or Hispanic look better than dating Asian guys. You should come to visit
      NYC to see what i mean. Just get used to it.

    Why are white women jealous of Asian women?
    I see quite a few white women being angry that white males are dating Asian women.

    • ANSWER:
      By any chance, are you Asian?

      I'm white, and I'm not jealous of Asian women. Frankly, it pisses me off that you would even ask this question. It's racist & it stereotypes caucasians. Maybe they were angry because they were already crushing on that guy & would have had the same reaction with an African American, Hispanic, or Caucasian woman. Maybe it was because she was a slut/skank and she thought he deserved better, or that she was better.

      Sorry if I offended you, but I have my views & opinions, and I'm not afraid to put them out there.

      I hope I fixed your deranged way of thinking.

    Should I start dating asian girls now?
    I am having some concerns in light of this Tiger and Elin Woods thing. I started to exclusively date white women because I am continuously and unapologeticly unfaithful. When I dated black women, this would lead to my having to pay huge amounts in medical and car repair bill.

    Now that white women are beginning to act all "Jazmine Sullivenly" and "Erika Badduiy" where do I go? I am think about dating asian women, but some of them know martial arts.

    Whats a playa to do?

    • ANSWER:
      Any girl who goes out with you should be careful of how you think haha..

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