If you've ever wondered what Cherry Blossoms Asian Dating is, we'd like to say that it is one of the oldest dating sites out there. It started way before the Internet in 1974 as a penpal service.

If you don't know what a penpal service is, it's a service where men would look at a picture catalog of different women. Then they would write to the women they liked. Back then, dating Asian women took a long time to develop and even a longer time to end in marriage.

This is so unlike today where, Western men can instantly date women from Asia by simply signing up with Cherry Blossoms Asian Dating site.

Now you're probably wondering, what kind of women can you find there? Well, you can actually find over 60,000 women members who actively using the site. However, while you might think that there's an equal number of Asian women from different Asian countries, the numbers actually stack in favor Filipino women.

What we mean is that there over 50,000 of the total number of women members are actually women from the Philippines. The rest are women from China, Russia and other countries.

If you don't know the first thing about women from the Philippines, Filipino women are actually very popular among Western men, especially men from the United States, Australia and Europe.

Part of the reason why they're so popular is because they are very family-oriented and are not the type to divorce their husbands for the sake of their careers. This is especially true if they have children.

But aside from being family-oriented, Filipino women are popular because they don't mind if a man is old enough to be her father or even grandfather. What matters to them is that the man is financially and emotionally stable enough.

And that's as far as Cherry Blossoms Asian dating goes.