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    Is it possible to find a good Philippine lady through a online dating service?
    I joined Cherry Blossoms. Seems like most of the pretty women are scammers. Its hard to find the good ones. I only have 2 weeks vacation so I would like to establish something with a lady beforehand. Is there a better online service or does anyone have better idea?

    • ANSWER:
      Stay away from online dating websites.
      Facebook and friendster is still ok so far.
      Stay away from pinays who are unemployed/jobless.Period.
      Stay away from pinays who ask for money.Period.
      Stay away from pinay who came from a large family.
      Stay away from pinays who are family's breadwiner.
      Stay away from pinays who are not single.
      Stay away from pinay who are shopaholic,
      Be extra cautious with pinays you'll meet on the beaches,parties,etc.

      Don't prattle about your millions and asset on every pinay you'll meet.Not all are gold-diggers,and the good girls will be offended if you flaunt and prattle your assets and millions.
      PLEASE don't expose your manhood,regardless of it's size.Period.
      Be a gentleman...ALWAYS.
      Don't ever make a maistake in mentioning to every pinay you'll meet that you are looking for a gf/wife.
      Best places to meet pinays with good breeding:
      Pinays will like you if you have few or no excess baggage.
      Lastly,remember,not all pinays like foreigners to be their fiancee/hubby,

    What is the difference between internet dating and long distance relationship?
    I'm meeting a girl in real life that I met on the internet so does that mean we are internet dating or is it a long distance relationship (she lives far away, too).

    • ANSWER:
      I don't see how either is any different from the other!!! Internet dating in my opinion would mean talking to multiple people on the internet and dating and you guys DID meet through the internet but now dating so if you guys blossom together and want to keep it going then yes it would be considered a long distance relationship....You can have a long distance relationship with anyone...if we decided right now to be internet buddies then we too can have a long distance relationship through the internet but that doesn't mean we are dating.....

    Please explain the difference between dating and relationship.?
    I moved recently to the UK.
    I am single.
    As in my country, we guys don't go out with girls unless with a plan of getting married, or we are at least engaged.
    I am wondering, what is dating mean in the west countries? What is it limited to? What are the main differences between it and a relationship?
    But I am sure people who are dating are sleeping together.
    How come they do that and not committing to each other?

    • ANSWER:
      Okay, so dating is nothing really serious, it's more the getting to know eachother stage.
      It can blossom into a relationship if it lasts long enough.
      I'm not really sure when dating becomes a relationship but I think it's different in every one.
      When you're in a relationship you're 100% comfortable with the person. That doesn't mean that you will be together forever, it's not a gateway to marriage for sure, it's just a more meaningful thing.
      I don't know if I explained that very well

    What kind of wine should I bring on a first date?
    I have a date tonight at the girl's house. She is making dinner but I have no idea what she is making. I'm bringing wine not because she asked but it seems like the thing to do. Unfortunately I don't know anything about wine except that I want to bring white wine. Keep in mind I don't have time to drive to a fancy wine store with a big selection and I don't want to spend a fortune. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      pino grigio is a nice white, i like blossom hill calirfornia white its only about £5 a bottle and goes nice with most food.

    How do I decide over which girl to date?
    Theirs 3 girls that I've been talking to lately & I've flirted with all 3 of them & they have a crush on me,they don't know about each other. All 3 of them are amazing girls with great qualities but I can't make up my mind who to date. Should I just keep flirting with them or just stop talking to them?

    • ANSWER:
      You have THREE options (the third, you're gonna think I'm crazy, but anyway)
      Don't date any one of them, I can't tell you this, but it seems you're a tad undecided on which girl your feelings lay with, so...

      Stay friends with them all, see if from there it really blossoms into a relationship and you live happily ever after (blah blah blah you get the picture)

      CASUALLY (not the CASUALLY) date all 3. YES, I'm dead serious. Just make sure all three girls know this. That way you can fully get to know them and get to know them (likes, dislikes, etc etc) BUT once you start getting the TINIEST bit serious (kissing etc) then stick with her.

      Good luck and a happy 2013 x

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