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    Are asian women open to dating black men or do they have a prejudice against blacks?
    Well I am a young black male and I am very interested in other cultures, and i am looking to explore these cultures by hooking up with exotic women such as asians and indians. Now i am not looking for a long term relationship, i just want to experience new things!. With all that being said i often asian women date black men or are they more conservative in maintaining homogeneity?. I appreciate the feed back!

    • ANSWER:
      Type in Tariq Nasheed- Mackin To Asian Women on Youtube. It should be on my page which is TheMaybach1984 or You'll get all the answers you need right there. You won't find it here, trust me. All you'll get from here is racist replies.

    How often do asian women date interracially?
    I know that many traditional asian women may not date interracially because the family may not aprove of it. I'm attractive to women of all races, but I find asian women the hottest. I just can't seem to find an asian woman who would want to date me.

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on your race and background.

      From a general and stereotypical view, Asian women tend to date men of Caucasian background. They do this for reasons such a:, a) they find them attractive, b) their parents may approve of their race more than other races, c) dating anyone with dark skin is considered to be low status or low class, and d) Asian women tend to want their children to be "beautiful" looking by mixing with Caucasian genes.

      It's a lot harder for non-Caucasian males to date Asian women who tend to have high preferences, because it's part of women's nature to find security for their family and children, especially themselves as well. They are most cautious for their children (yet to be born). Also, you do realize that this has nothing to do with race, but deep inside, we care about what our family thinks of us, so we tend to stray on the mainstream side.

      I, on the other hand, have dated Muslims, Islamic, Christian, and Atheist people, brown to white people, I have not date any black people though.

    What is the best website to use to meet Asian women for dating?
    I've tried e harmony and match dot com with no success. Trying to develop a strategy to meet Asian women for dating, trying to find a website that would help me accomplish my goal. It seems like its hit or miss. Would appreciate your advice and your success with website.

    • ANSWER:
      Try Meetic

    Asian women who date IR, do you get a lot of flack from Asian men for dating outside of your race?
    Asian women who date IR, do you get a lot of flack from Asian men for dating outside of your race?

    • ANSWER:
      i normally only go out with mixed guys for some reason(i guess i'm just more attracted to them) and some of my asian guy friends never say anything like that about it
      ...but i don't really hang out with other asians since there aren't that many where i live

    Why do people use the excuse that there are more Asians in the world?
    To say that most Asian women date within their race and try to pretend they don't love white men long time? Most Asian women would choose a white man over an Asian "man", but they just don't have access to them.

    • ANSWER:
      Black men, have less tongue pigmentation than white men.

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