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    I'm in contact with girls in myasianrose asian dating. What exactly to say and do to attract asian women?
    Im contacting many asian women in an asian dating site. What Exactly should I say or do to attract those asian women. I love asian women look and I want to meet someone from Asia. I like Japanese girls, Filipina girls, Thai girls or Chinese girls.

    • ANSWER:
      Nowadays there are more and more independent asian girls who does not need a man to "rescue" her from cruel life at large. But asian being asian, they are gentle in nature and hard to resist.
      Asian women love to please her man in terms of food. But just like the above post said, they dont like being treated like a servant. Woman being a woman, nobody likes rude guys. And nobody likes guys who brags with what he has. Some will go for rich guys, some will go for only happiness be it rich or poor it wont matter. Human...
      Another thing, all asian woman will not be happy if u ask her whether she knows how to massage. Coz not all asian girls knows how and; over in asia, massage always being misconstrued as prostitution. I knew a thai girl who got into a b.i.t.c.h. fit when an arab guy asked her this question. Yes there are plenty of proper and legitimate traditional massage but it isnt proper to ask the girl such question i think. Unless if she offers u one then, still i too dont know what sort of massage she is suggesting. LOL!!! But if u are with a girl and she took out a bottle of body oil to give u a feet rub or back rub, then u know that she is definitely into u. Good luck..

      So just be yourself and dont try to be someone else you are not; just to attract a girl. Girls would expect you to be yourself.

    Is this racist towards black men or asian women?
    I do not find black men should date asian women in fact I think it's best for black men to date white, hispanic, or multiracial women. I find the idea of a black man sticking his *you know* inside an asian woman's *you know* gross. I'm okay with people doing it but I would rather them not do it because it grosses me out.

    • ANSWER:
      Well if that's your opinion it's ok i don't think is racist
      that's totally understandable, you don't like to see a black dating with Asian girls. But people do whatever they want
      In my opinion Asian ladies Dating Black,White or Hispanic look better than dating Asian guys. You should come to visit
      NYC to see what i mean. Just get used to it.

    What kind of men do the pretty looking Blondes typically go for and what kind of men have success with them?
    Like other than myself, I have not seen many Brown or Asian men dating Blonde women. I have seen so many good looking blondes in the US and I wonder, in general, what kind of men have success with them?

    • ANSWER:
      Man, are you serious? Women are women, regardless of their color. That's where you fail, you think that they're a different species which only go for a specific kind, but they don't, they're just normal like me and you.

      FYI, I don't think the blondes in the US are as pretty as the ones in Australia - who are tall, toned, gorgeous with incredibly nice personalities. They're absolute goddesses if you ask me. They go for all types of men, whether Asian or Caucasian.

    What are you feelings on dating asian women?
    Why do some guys choose to date asian women? Especially if they are not asian themselves??

    • ANSWER:
      Because there sexy.

    Is it ok for me to like asian women?
    I like asian women, but feels I have no chance since I am black and most asian women like white guys. I am a well educated black male working on my masters, but I have been told that asian look down on black people regardless how you approach them, its like they already have there mind made up before I talk to them. Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      Well I got to say, most of the guy I dated are black and I'm asian. My friend's who is also black is into asian too, so yes it is okay. I don't know why but out of most race I prefer black man, I think they are more attracted. Is not because I don't get approaches by differents race, I just find black man turn me on. Just know if you ever approach asian girls please try to be a gentleman, to be honest I got so many guy hitting on me and nothing turn me off more than them being so forward and direct. Be sweet, compliments her and talks about something you guy have in commons.

      Oh yeah if you want to ask more or just make friend my email:

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